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Elementary Students Give Back To Their Community

Schoolchildren at Ambrosini Elementary delivered blankets to the elderly who may not have family visiting them for the holidays. Teachers are trying to teach students the importance of giving back.


Third and fourth graders have been putting together the two layered fleece blankets for the past week. Friday they delivered the blankets to Fortuna Rehabilitation and Wellness Center.


"When a community works together it makes a better place to live," said Ambrosini Elementary Principle Amy Betts.


Betts said students have been learning in class what the meaning of Thanksgiving is.


"We also wanted our students to know and learn that at this time of year that other people are in need," said Betts.


"We're brining them blankets to make them happier," said Mariza Guimaraes a third grader.


The elementary school is hoping to have students do community service projects once a trimester. Betts said the students will work with a local animal shelter next.


"In Fortuna we're a small community so it's really good to get students to start early," said Betts.