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Emergency repairs underway on Highway 101 south of Willits

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Caltrans is making emergency repairs to an area of Highway 101 south of Willits because of a rockslide and a mudslide.

The two slides are located at the Southern Detour of the Willits Bypass Project site, just south of Ridgewood Ranch Road.  Repairs are expected to last about three weeks as crews work to stabilize the two slides. During that time, one-way controlled traffic will be in effect during nighttime hours.  During the day, there will not be traffic control but motorists will be reminded to slow down through the work zone.

"During the day, we're going to have these pilot trucks going through the work zone, just to slow people down. There's going to be one going in each direction.  They're just regular Caltrans trucks.  They might have a "pilot" car sign on the back of them, but they're one of our white or orange Caltrans trucks.  They're just there to slow you down through the cone zone because we have a lot of highway workers working on these emergency repairs right next to traffic," said Eli Rohl, the Public Information Officer for Caltrans, District 1.