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Environmentalists speak out against Klamath National Forest's planned project

EUREKA- The public will have a chance to weigh in Tuesday night on a project that's been sparking some debate among environmental groups. The Klamath National Forest's “Westside Recovery Project” is meant to reduce public safety hazards following last year’s fire season in Klamath. More than 20,000 acres of national forest may be logged and new roads could be built in the area by the beginning of this summer.

Opponents of the “Recovery Project” however, argue they want a more ecologically sound and fire sensible project. Tom Wheeler, the Program and Legal Coordinator of the Environmental Protection Information Center said, “It ignores community safety and it ignores ecological sensibilities in order to make maximum profit. Their proposing massive salvage, so massive clear cut of northern spotted owl habitat. This is going to bite the forest service’s own admission, adversely affect over 70 spotted owls.“

The national forest office says it’s looking at a range of alternatives including doing nothing, to a salvage harvest reforestation and hazardous fuels reduction. The Klamath National Forest wants to hear your input on the project. Tuesday’s open house will be held at 5:30 at the Six Rivers National Forest Supervisor’s Headquarters in Eureka. If you can't make it out, they will be hearing public comment until April 27th.