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EPD to begin to restructure department this week

EUREKA- To enhance community policing, the Eureka Police Department will begin its restructuring process this week.

At Tuesday’s city council meeting, Police Chief Andrew Mills will make a presentation to the council. It will include a map that splits Eureka into two districts, one that is mainly residential and one that is predominantly commercial.  Chief Mills says this will allow the captains of those districts to better understand and prevent crime patterns. The new map will go into effect this week, but Chief Mills says staffing challenges could make the restructuring process more difficult.

"As people retire and leave, which is part of what's happening here, they've been gracious enough to stay for a while until i can get people through the door.  So we're working very hard at hiring people.  We hired two people this week.  We're looking for more in the very near future to get through the door, get them trained, get them ready to go so that we can be effective in managing this transition,” said Chief Mills.