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EPD conducting motorcycle safety enforcement this summer

EUREKA- This summer, officers with the Eureka Police Department will be on heightened alert for traffic violations that can lead to motorcycle crashes.

Specialized Motorcycle Safety Enforcement Operations will be held in July, August and September, in response to more motorcycles being on the road during the drier weather.  During these five hour periods, extra officers will patrol areas frequented by motorcyclists or places where motorcycle crashes have occurred.  The initiative is being funded through a state grant. Officers say they will not only be on the lookout for motorcyclists committing violations, but all drivers in general.

"The number one thing, I think, is distracted driving.  Drivers who are using their cell phones in a non-hands-free mode, or texting or distracted, and they might not see a motorcycle, which is obviously a small profile.  So we're also looking for unsafe lane changes, or driving while impaired, or speeding," said Officer Gary Whitmer, the Senior Traffic Officer with the Eureka Police Department.