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EPD: Crime in city went up two percent in 2014

EUREKA- Crime is up by two percent in Eureka since 2013. The Eureka Police Department has released the city’s crime totals for last year, and the report shows crime went up two percent from 2013 to 2014.

Violent crimes went down by 23 percent from 2013, and assaults with a deadly weapon were nearly 50 percent lower. However, there were increases in murders, reported rapes and robberies. Property crimes went up four percent in 2014. Police attribute that figure to an increase in daytime residential burglaries.  EPD officials say while property crime is up, so is community awareness and participation.

"We're getting an increasingly higher number of calls from alert individuals in their neighborhoods reporting suspicious individuals and we've actually made a number of apprehensions due to that and we've also taken some steps to try to reduce those burglaries, and that includes getting more information out to the public through neighborhood watch meetings, through social media, through entities like," said Captain Steve Watson with the EPD.