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EPD looking for community input

EUREKA- There are currently three beats for officers with the Eureka Police Department to patrol. Now EPD officials are looking to possibly update those beats.

The police department will hold three neighborhood input meetings this month. The purpose of the meetings is to find out what the top three concerns are for each neighborhood.  The other goal of the meetings is to find out how the public wants to divide Eureka into patrol beats. EPD officials say these meetings are the first step in adapting the Eureka Police Department’s law enforcement approach based on the different needs of individual neighborhoods.   

"We will have the information on where these concerns are.  That way we can tailor the needs to those areas and our officers will have idea of where crime is happening, why it’s happening, they will be aware of the neighborhoods that they're policing and they'll be able to spot problems possibly before they occur," said Brittany Kesterson, a Police Services Officer with the Eureka Police Department.

All three of the neighborhood input meetings will be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The first meeting is on May 12th at the Wharfinger Building, which can be found at 1 Marina Way in Eureka. The second meeting will be located at the Humboldt Bay Fire Department Training Classroom on May 14th, located at 3030 L Street in Eureka. The last one will be at the Jefferson Project on May 19th, at 1000 B Street in Eureka.