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EPD officials: "Eureka's Most Wanted" poster is a success so far

EUREKA- Since the Eureka Police Department unveiled its new “Eureka’s Most Wanted” poster on its website and Facebook page last month, multiple arrests have been made.

Officials with the Eureka Police Department report Eureka currently has one of the highest per-capita property crime rates in California for a city of its size.  They also say most of the people committing these crimes are multiple offenders.

"We're working to fix that, and when you understand that our experience has shown that these theft offenders tend to continue committing thefts until they're apprehended, we can make a dent in that problem by getting some of them behind bars," said Sgt. Steve Watson with the Eureka Police Department.

So on February 28th, the Eureka Police Department released its Eureka’s Most Wanted poster on its main website and Facebook page.  The list is updated weekly, and includes about ten people with outstanding warrants for theft or property crimes in Eureka, or wanted persons who are currently living in Eureka.

"The main thing we're asking the public to do is keep their eyes open for the individuals on the poster.  If they see one of the wanted individuals to call their local law enforcement agency immediately," said Sgt. Watson.

Police say the initiative has already proven to be successful. Four of the people on the original most wanted poster were apprehended within 24 hours of the wanted poster unveiling.

Officials say the release of the most wanted poster is an example of how working with the community is an important part of policing.

"Every member of this department is of the community, we're members of the community, we have families, and we're part of the community.  So we work for the community.  So, again, we're trying to really enhance that partnership," Sgt. Watson said.

There are about 50 sworn officers in the Eureka Police Department, but officials hope they can have many more eyes and ears on the streets with the Eureka’s Most Wanted poster.

To view the Eureka’s Most Wanted Poster, visit the and click on the "Most Wanted!" link, or visit the Eureka Police Department’s Facebook page, by searching “Eureka Police Department” in the search bar.  To nominate someone to be on the Eureka’s Most Wanted Poster, or to give a tip to police about someone on the poster, call 441-4060.