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EPD to receive 10 in-car digital video systems

EUREKA- The Eureka City Council has approved the purchase of new equipment for the purpose of increasing the Eureka Police Department’s transparency,

The City of Eureka is purchasing 10 Watch Guard Digital In-Car Video Systems from Watch Guard Video. The total cost of the purchase is about $54,000, and will provide the cameras to the remaining EPD patrol units that don’t already have them. The cameras monitor the front of a patrol unit and what is going on in the back seat where suspects would sit. The system can be turned on manually, from a collision, or if the patrol unit’s lights and sirens get switched on. All footage goes into a database that EPD officials can use for evaluations, reviewing citizen complaints or prosecuting suspects.  The Chief of the EPD, Chief Andrew Mills, says the procurement of the cameras will lead to a safer community.

"Anytime you are more transparent to the community, it improves police legitimacy.  And that legitimacy certainly has an effect on the level of cooperation, on the level of respect for law enforcement.  So therefore, I think it does have a dramatic impact on how we police the city," said Chief Mills.