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EPD releases 2016 use of force statistics

EUREKA - Eureka Police have released an analysis of the department's use of force in 2016.

Out of 51,000 calls in 2016, officers arrested or detained almost 4,500 individuals. According to an EPD review, force was used during 253 arrests or 6% of all incidents.

That amounts to .5% of all contacts made by officers.

Two received significant injury during an arrest attempt. Clayton Lasinksi who led police on a chase through Eureka in December and was shot once by officers. The other, a knife-wielding man who was shot three times with a less-lethal shotgun and survived.

Starting in June, all EPD officers will undergo de-escalation training.

Captain, Eureka Police Captain Brian Stephens said, "It will help an officer think through an incident before they get involved in the incident, t and hopefully create a situation where they can use this training, use the tactics and they can talk somebody in to handcuffs or get someone in a more compliant type results when it comes to detaining an individual that needs help or needs to be placed under arrest."