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EPD releasing quarterly crime reports to public

EUREKA- On Wednesday, for the first time since the new police chief stepped in, the Eureka Police Department released a quarterly crime report to the public.  This is part of the department’s initiative to become more transparent.

The report shows crime trends spanning from January of last year to the present.  The graph for property crime rates indicates a downward trend since January of 2013.  There is also a downward trend of violent crimes in the same time-span.  Officials with the EPD say one of the goals of the quarterly reports is to regularly compare data to determine if department resources are being used effectively.  The other reason, they say, is to increase the public’s knowledge of the crime in the area.

"Citizens who are aware of the crime that's going on can better protect themselves and in turn, prevent future crime.  Overall, releasing this data is in an effort to be more transparent and open to the community.  We really want to show our willingness to work with the community," said Brittany Kesterson, the Public Information Officer with the EPD.

To access the quarterly reports, go to .  Then, click “Eureka Crime Stats” on the right side of the web page.