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EPD: Two men seen on bicycles could be responsible for at least 10 burglaries

EUREKA- So far in 2014, the Eureka Police Department has been receiving reports of suspicious persons in the city thy say could be responsible for at least ten burglaries. Officers say the reports are of at least two adult men seen riding bicycles.

"If you see people riding around on bicycles any time of the day or night, in pairs, that look suspicious, give us a call.  We certainly would like to know that.  In fact, we've asked our officers to step up efforts to identify and to do enforcement with grown men on bicycles, if you will, and we've increased our contact with them 169 percent in the last month," said Chief Andrew Mills of the Eureka Police Department. 

Chief Mills says people have witnessed two men riding bicycles at the scene of two recent burglaries.  Police also add at least 10 other burglaries appear to have similar characteristics. The suspects have been seen during late night and early morning hours.  Police say people have seen the men wearing hooded sweatshirts and in some instances have seen the suspects both with covers on their faces.

If you have any information, you’re asked to call the Eureka Police Department at (707) 441-4060.