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EPD warning residents about fake checks in the mail

EUREKA- Officials with the Eureka Police Department are asking residents to be on the lookout for fake checks coming in the mail.

Police Chief Andrew Mills recently received two fake checks for an unknown reason.  Officials with American Bank and Trust, which was the bank used in those fake checks, told the EPD they have been receiving a high number of calls regarding these fake checks. Most of the scams have been Craigslist buyers sending a fake check to sellers for more than the asking price and asking the sellers to wire them the difference.  Police remind you that just because funds are available for a check, it does not automatically mean the check is good.  It can take several weeks for a bank to determine if a check is fake. Police also say in most cases, if someone withdraws cash using a fake check, they will lose that money.

"People should know who they're doing business with, never wire money to strangers, don't accept checks for more than the selling price, if you do get a check and have questions about its validity, take it in to a local teller. Also, if you get a call or a letter about a prize, you should never have to pay for a prize, it should be free," said Brittany Powell, the Public Information Officer of the Eureka Police Department.