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Eureka City Schools and Eureka Teachers Association agree on employment contract

EUREKA- Eureka City Schools and the Eureka Teachers Association have reached an agreement for an employment contract for the next two school years.

Members of the Eureka Teachers Association ratified the tentative agreement they reached last month with Eureka City Schools on Tuesday.  And on Thursday night, the Board of Trustees ratified the tentative agreement as well, making it official. Starting Friday, teachers are receiving a 3 percent raise moving forward, and will be paid that raise retroactively starting July 1st of last year. Teachers are receiving an additional 3 percent raise next year starting July 1st, which could be extended, and will also have an additional $80 of medical benefits starting October 1st of this year through September of 2015. In addition, salary increases for teachers with 24 and 27 years of service will be added. The superintendent of Eureka City Schools, Superintendent Fred Van Vleck, is excited that an agreement has been reached.

"That allows the teachers to go back and focus on instruction inside the classroom, focus on what they got into the profession to do and that's to teach children.  And, it allows us as a district to go back focus on running the school district and making sure that we're making progress forward and doing a better job every day of educating the students of Eureka," said Superintendent Van Vleck.