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Eureka City Schools ready to implement transgender rights law

EUREKA- The new law outlining the rights of transgender students in California in grades K-12 took effect on January 1st, but could be suspended if a referendum to repeal it becomes qualified to be on the November ballot.  

In the meantime, officials with Eureka City Schools are ready to accommodate any transgender students with their requests.  They say they already had been meeting requests of transgender students, but this new law makes the list of accommodations more clear.   They also say they are moving forward assuming the law will not be repealed.  Administrators with Eureka City Schools say so far no transgender students have asked for accommodations this semester.

"A transgender student, like any student that is requesting accommodations, should be treated as a case by case basis. And I believe that we have and will continue to do so," said Lee Ann Lanning, the Assistant Superintendent  for Human Resources and Special Education for Eureka City Schools.