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Eureka City Schools updates its Comprehensive Safe Schools Plans

EUREKA- The Board of Trustees approved the updated Comprehensive Safe Schools Plans for Eureka City Schools.

The plans provide protocols for emergencies ranging from a shooting to an airplane landing on a school.  This year’s changes include further implementation of school wide positive behavior programs and initiatives that teach students how they can improve the school climate.  The updated Safe Schools Plans also have more comprehensive procedures for connecting students with their parents or guardians following an emergency.

"If a school system, like any system, plans ahead, practices, that means they're better prepared for any situation that may come their way.  No two situations are ever the same, but if you're looking at what your situation might be, speaking with your staff, planning, training, then you're more prepared for that situation should it come," said Laurie Alexander, the Director of Student Services for Eureka City Schools.