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Eureka city staff to reexamine recruiting process for medical marijuana dispensaries

EUREKA- The Eureka City Council has asked city staff to take a closer look at the recruiting process for bringing medical marijuana dispensaries into city limits.

In 2010, the council approved an ordinance allowing up to four dispensaries in the city, as long as the businesses are invited to apply by the council. The ordinance was put on hold a year later after no businesses chose to apply, but that hold was lifted in 2013.  At Tuesday night’s meeting, the council voted to have staff look at the recruiting process and determine recommendations moving forward, including possibly changing the number of dispensaries allowed.  The council will vote at the next meeting whether or not to move forward with the new recruiting process or if additional changes are needed.  

"I feel it's important that we have the availability for our citizens and for people.  I think the idea that they have to go all the way to Myrtletown, if you live down on Broadway and are disabled or can't get there, that's a barrier that doesn't need to happen.  I also believe that it can be a legitimate business.  The process is very, very lengthy, so to go through that process and to be willing to jump through all those hoops and to be successful, I think is a great showing of the integrity of the business," said Eureka City Council Member Kim Bergel.