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Eureka Council Member Mike Newman announces reelection campaign

EUREKA- Incumbent 3rd Ward Eureka Council Member Mike Newman announced his reelection campaign on Thursday.  Fellow council members, Humboldt County Supervisors and the Mayor of Eureka were in attendance.

"I sincerely believe the future of our families, businesses and community are in the balance.   And that's why I'm running for office again," said Councilmember Newman during his announcement.

Newman made the announcement outside the C Street Plaza Thursday afternoon.  Newman took steps as a council member to combine the Eureka Fire Department with Humboldt Fire District #1, to make Humboldt Bay Fire, saving the city more than $500,000 the last three years.  He also helped consolidate other departments to save the city money.  If reelected, he hopes to help fully develop the waterfront, attract new businesses to the area, keep businesses from leaving and make sure small businesses can thrive.

"That allows families to stay here and families are very important.  We need to keep the next generation here instead of exporting them all, I'd rather have them stay here to find their job next," said Councilmember Newman.