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Eureka Council to vote on adopting Social Host Ordinance

EUREKA- An ordinance designed to curb underage drinking in Eureka could be adopted at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

The Humboldt Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention and the Eureka Police Department collaborated to draft the ordinance. The Social Host Ordinance would impose escalating fines on adults found responsible for allowing underage drinking, such as the host of a party. Landlords or homeowners would not necessarily be subject to penalties. In addition to the fines, which start at $250 for the first offense, violators may have to pay for police, fire or medical response to a scene. The ordinance also allows officers to determine if criminal charges should be imposed on hosts of parties.

"When it comes specifically to underage kids, it can be a health problem for them, it can affect the ways juveniles develop, it can create very dangerous situations and put teens at risk for other crimes like DUIs, traffic collisions, sexual assaults. We've unfortunately seen too many of those incidents and we really would like to make this a safer community and hopefully this ordinance would help with that," said Officer Corrie Watson with the Eureka Police Department.

If the council votes to adopt the ordinance on Tuesday, it would go into effect in December.