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Eureka Council to vote on implementing federal energy efficiency program

EUREKA- A federal program designed to increase energy efficiency for property owners could be coming to the City of Eureka.

The city council will vote at Tuesday’s meeting on whether or not to move forward with the Property Assessed Clean Energy Program.  PACE funds upgrades in energy and water efficiency, as well as renewable energy products for residential and commercial buildings.  City staff says PACE would create jobs, lower Eureka’s greenhouse gas emissions and cost nothing to the city.  The council recently approved implementing two PACE programs.  However, city staff recently learned people using Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loans for PACE could have to pay those loans back within a month if requested.  On Tuesday, the council will vote to implement a third program or remove the previous two that were already approved.  Staff expects the city to adopt the third program.

"The State of California has really alleviated that concern by establishing a fund that should make it safer for property owners to not have to worry about that concern and so it may be a concern in other states, but in California, it's not a concern as far as we can tell," said Robert Holmlund, the Director of Community Development and Economic Development for the City of Eureka.