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Eureka Council to vote on putting Fair Wage Act on November ballot

EUREKA- The minimum wage in the City of Eureka could increase, as council members will vote on whether or not to put the Fair Wage Act ordinance on the November ballot at Tuesday’s council meeting.

The Eureka Fair Wage Act would increase the minimum wage to $12 or businesses within the Eureka City Limits with 25 or more employees.  The act also mandates employee wages would increase every year based on the consumer price index. 

Officials with the Eureka Chamber of Commerce say raising the minimum wage would negatively impact employment opportunities and the overall economic health of the community. 

City officials say the impartial analysis, which will be written by the city attorney and made available to the public, is an important resource voters can use to learn more about the act. 

"From just a general citizen standpoint, which may be trying to figure out, ‘Okay, which side makes the most sense or which side do I agree with?' I think that impartial analysis will maybe help people form those opinions," said Greg Sparks, the Eureka City Manager.