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Eureka Council to vote on using consultanting company for Economic Development Plan

EUREKA- The Eureka City Council will hold a vote at this week’s meeting that city officials say could speed up the their ability to complete an updated Economic Development Plan.

The vote will authorize city staff to execute a contract not to exceed 26,000 with BAE Urban Economics.  The Economic Development Committee has been crafting a plan to meet goals set by the council.  However, city officials say the consulting firm would be able to finish that plan by the end of the year if their contract is executed.

"The reason you hire consultants is when you don't have that kind of staff expertise and I think it just helps move this process forward.  I think if it was just a matter of staff working with a committee, it might take us a year or 18 months to generate this type of work, and it would be on top of other things, and without the same level of expertise," said Greg Sparks, the Eureka City Manager.