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Eureka CVS bomb threat declared a scam

EUREKA- A bomb threat at CVS stores in Eureka on Sunday, was a scam. Eureka Police say, the caller was requesting money to be placed on green dot cards and then have the serial numbers given to him over the phone. If CVS didn’t cooperate, there was going to be an explosion or harm done to the people inside the store.

Detectives investigated the bomb threat, and found that this type of threat has been going on for a year now, all over the country.  

 “I would hope that everyone would take some sort of threat like that or type of suggestions from either employees or law enforcement, that you need to evacuate an area, seriously. And if we would have actually found a device, we would have made evacuations mandatory and do the evacuations ourselves. One thing to remember, is if you are evacuated for some type of bomb threat, get away from the building completely,” said Captain Brian Stephens of the Eureka Police Department.

After the store was declared safe, customers and workers were allowed back inside.