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Eureka fence honored for its beauty

EUREKA- A Eureka family has been honored for keeping a small part of Eureka beautiful, whether it’s a sunny or not.

When the Hudy family decided to make a fence, they wanted it to look nice.

"We were really focused on preserving our home, making our home more attractive, and we think that those large fences are rather unattractive and unappealing…We know that with a larger fence, people are going to be able to get over it anyway,” said Todd Hudy.

They say they were receiving compliments even before they were finished putting the fence up.

“We had people walking by all the time saying, 'nice fence!' and we were like, 'Oh, thanks!'  Then we had people actually come to our door asking where we got the design, who built it and where to get the materials,” said Tanya Hudy.

Then the President of the volunteer organization “Keep Eureka Beautiful,” Jean Gladstone, saw the fence as she was taking a walk, about six months ago.

"I was just amazed at how appropriate it is for this house, how attractive it is, how it draws people to it," said Gladstone.

Gladstone awarded the Hudy family with the first every “Friendly Fence Award at the Eureka City Council Meeting on March 4th.

"We had been concerned about the growing number of fortress type fences that were popping up in the community, and we noticed this fence, which is just gorgeous," Gladstone said.

Organizers of “Keep Eureka Beautiful” say the award is about more than just beauty.

"It speaks to the quality of life, the quality of life of the citizens who live in eureka, it speaks to the economy because it's been proven that people shop longer and return more frequently to places that are attractive," said Gladstone.

Keep Eureka Beautiful has planted over 600 trees in Eureka over the last 8 years.