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Eureka High invites inspiring locals for "Human Library" event

Young minds at Eureka High School got to hear stories of triumph and struggle from local figures today for their very first “Human Library" event.

The event brings community members from the area such as veterans, immigrants and others who have faced adversity to come in and tell their stories.

This gives students a chance to delve into different perspectives, ask questions to the so-called "human books" and gain valuable lessons.

One "human book" participant, Terry Tuttle, an Arcata-based transgender man, shared his story about transitioning.

"It’s a really great opportunity to get to talk to young people who are maybe where I was 7 or so years ago,” said Tuttle, “It's a great way to start conversations because when you look at some of the issues that some of the human books are going to be talking about the things are a little bit difficult to ask about. It can help people to realize that, yeah, people who are different than them are just people that they can talk to and they can learn more about."

An inspired student, Kenneth Dimaunahan, told us, "I really hope this event continues because we need people to tell these stories and inspire people to do good things and help out the community."