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Eureka High School holds Winter Blood Drive

EUREKA- High school students, faculty and community members are giving the gift of life at Eureka High School for the Winter Blood Drive.

"During the holiday seasons and also during the summer time, there's an increased need for people to come and donate because of two variables.  One is peoples' inability to donate because of the rush or certain illnesses that happen during the fall and the increased need for blood, based off travel and accidents and illnesses that would require people to use blood," said Joanna Ow, the Donor Recruiter for the Northern California Community Blood Bank.

People with any blood type are welcome to be a donor at the  two-day blood drive, which kicked off on Wednesday. Officials with the Northern California Community Blood Bank say one donor could potentially save three lives. Officials also say over 20 percent of the organization’s annual blood supply is donated by high school and college students in the area.  However, all community members are welcome to be donors at the drive.  Eureka High School students organized the blood drive as part of a community service project, and people who attempt to donate blood are entered into a raffle, where they can win prizes.

"My sister was in a car accident a couple of years ago and she had a bunch of blood transfusions so it makes me feel better about helping people who were in her same situation," said Mavis Costa, a senior at Eureka High School who donated blood on Wednesday.