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Eureka High School showcases its clubs

EUREKA- Eureka High School kicked off its Spring Fever Week with an event that celebrates all of the clubs the school has to offer.

For Chalk On the Walk Day, each of the more than 20 clubs at Eureka High School had a block of space to draw on at the school’s main walkway, also known as “Main Street.” Students got to make a design in chalk that signifies their club, and judges will announce a winner on Tuesday. The event kicks off the week long series of student activities on campus to celebrate all of the different clubs at Eureka High School, and school officials say recognizing the many things to get involved in at school is important.

"The art gets to stay up for a few days here so as the kids sort of move around our main street they get to see all the different things our clubs have to offer and in this colorful format that the kids put it in is really fun, it's a fun way of expression," said Omar Khattab, the Athletic and Activities Director at Eureka High School.

Tuesday is the Academic Fair at Eureka High School, where the different classes and athletic activities will be showcased along with the clubs.