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Eureka High School student shot with BB gun changes his story

A Eureka High School student shot by a BB gun has changed his story and will be charged for giving a false police report.

The student told school staff and police on Tuesday that he was walking in the green belt area next to the 1600 block of L Street during lunch when he was shot with a BB gun. The boy said that he could not provide a description of the suspect. On Wednesday morning, the student who was shot came forward along with the shooter. They both told school and police officials they were at a Eureka residence during lunch, when one of them accidentally shot the other in the chest with the BB gun. The student who was shot is being charged with filing a false police report and the school will take disciplinary action as well. The alleged shooter is being investigated by the EPD and school officials do not know if he will be disciplined. The weapon has been recovered by the EPD.

"We're happy that there's not someone out in the community taking a BB gun and shooting at our kids.  We're a little frustrated that we did not get the true story when the student first came back to school yesterday, but again, happy that we were able to get the issue resolved and that there's not a big mystery involving someone shooting at our kids," said Rick Jordan, the Principal of Eureka High School.

A BB gun shooting against a Eureka High School student occurred on L Street in November of 2013.