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Eureka High students march in remembrance

EUREKA - The Eureka High Multicultural Club honored the late Martin Luther King Junior with a march Friday.

As the lunch bell rang, the club made its way around their school’s campus, repeating the words “remember the theme, live King’s dream.” They stopped at the campus courtyard to sing a traditional African American song and give a brief history on King for on looking diners.

This is one of several events the multicultural club participates in throughout the year honoring different cultures. Their next event will be celebrating the Chinese New Year on February 19.

“Today we're out here celebrating Martin Luther King Day and just let everyone know what he did and what he fought for and that this should be celebrated nationally,” one club member said.

“I think it's just important to show the diversity like around our school and I feel like it just brings us more together in showing that we're not just all about one race. We accept everyone and we want everyone to feel comfortable,” another club member said.

Eureka High School is not in session Monday in observance of the federal holiday.