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Eureka Parking Enforcement Officer uses body camera

EUREKA – It will be harder to challenge a parking ticket in Eureka, now that the enforcement officer is wearing a body camera.

EPD Officer, Lynda Punch started wearing the watch guard camera to provide more evidence when drivers contest tickets.

Like other officers, the camera is activated when Punch begins her route, it captures things like meter numbers and where exactly a vehicle is located.

The video is only reviewed if the ticket is contested.

Public Information Officer, Brittany Powell says the camera has been very helpful for both the department and drivers.

"It's been extremely useful. While most of the time it does prove the ticket to be valid we have had times where we find the ticket was issued in error and the fee is then waived," says Powell.

Tickets for parking violations range from $38-353. EPD recommends moving your car at least a whole city block to avoid being ticketed. You can also be cited for removing tire chalk.