Eureka police chief candidate visits North Coast

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The newly appointed Eureka police chief is visiting the North Coast. Andrew Mills came up from San Diego for Tuesday’s vote from Eureka City Council, which will officially make him the new chief.


“My vision is to come in and listen to people and to spend a great deal talking to people with community members, with police officers, with city council,” Mills said. “Learning with their priorities are once we do that we'll set a strategic path forward to figure out what's the best path and what are the priorities for the community."


Mills is currently a Captain at the San Diego Police Department. He was the commanding officer of San Diego’s western division and was responsible for patrol and investigations for more than 140,000 residents. During that time he also led efforts with the mental health community to handle a large homeless population. He said he hopes to bring that experience to address transient-related issues in Eureka.


"This takes a solution from the whole community, not just the police,” Mills said. “And so there's certain things that we have in our tool belt that we can use. There's other things that other community members have to use as well, such as mental health, health and human services— you have a fantastic rescue mission and other people who are truly concerned with the people who are less fortunate."


The council will vote at Tuesday’s meeting, which starts at 6 p.m. If the council chooses to appoint him as chief, Mills will start on November 4.