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Eureka resident puts out fire in his bedroom

EUREKA- A structure fire is put out by a Eureka resident on Tuesday morning before firefighters get on the scene.

Humboldt Bay Fire responded to a report of a possible structure fire on the 900 block of Hill Street just after 8 a.m.  Crews encountered the tenant when they arrived.  The tenant said he had returned from a walk with his wife, saw the fire in his bedroom, and used a garden hose to put it out.  He told officials he had to exit the residence three times while fighting the blaze.  The fire caused $10,000 of damage to the residence and no one was hurt. Officials say an unattended candle was the cause.  They also say the man’s efforts limited the damage to the bedroom, but everyone should follow this recommendation.

"We always recommend that if you come home and you find your house on fire, the best thing you can do is call 911 and not  try to go in and not try to save pets or property or things like that.  The reason for that is you're already outside, should you go inside a residence that's burning with extreme heat and smoke and such, there's a chance you can be overcome, you could get trapped, and now you've placed yourself in danger," said Battalion Chief Bill Reynolds with Humboldt Bay Fire.