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Eureka sculptor's artwork featured in an international ad

EUREKA- A Eureka wire sculptor's artwork is the centerpiece for an international advertisement. Local artist, Elizabeth Barrien's silver wires come together to take the shape of a car in a recent Hyundai Genesis commercial.

Barrien got an email from a South Korea advertising agency in September who said they were interested in featuring her work in a television ad. Barrien specializes in creating three dimensional wire structures. The agency wanted to use her sculpture to represent the vehicle in an abstract construction.

"They wanted it to be like a genesis, an evolution, they had a very abstract idea to make a geometric cocoon, and very organic looking," said Barrien.

Barrien had been exchanging ideas with the team in South Korea to develop the sculpture to look like a rough outline of a car. Normally, her work is very realistic and takes on natural shapes like animals and plants. Barrien said she had to abandoned the way she normally does a project and make a more simpler form for it to transfer into computer graphics.

"It was completely different, completely off the wall," she said.

For the project she worked on several different models to create the perfect shape. Three executives on the project visited her studio in Eureka to collaborate on the piece.

"I was doing rapid fire wiring showing them [that] I could do this." she said.

When the project was complete the team took photos of the artwork in order to transform them into a computer imaged on the commercial.

Barrien's work has been recognized internationally before. She helped to create art pieces for BBC and received awards for the project. 

The commercial is airing in Asian countries and will air in the United States in the upcoming months.