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Eureka Senior High School holds DUI simulation for students

EUREKA- Eureka Senior High School students got a firsthand look at the dangers of drinking and driving during the “Every 15 Minutes Program.”

The Public Information Officer of the California Highway Patrol, Matt Harvey said, ”The reality is that it’s very traumatic, it’s horrible, the results of reckless and distracted driving impacts a community in a major way.”

To highlight Distracted Driving Awareness Month, students at Eureka Senior High School experienced a simulation of what a collision scene looks like and the trauma involved in a crash while under the influence of alcohol.

The “Every 15 Minutes Program” was developed in the early 90’s and at that time someone was dying every 15 minutes due to DUI. Harvey said, “The statistics have dropped drastically, today the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 1 person every 50 minutes dies of a DUI incident.”

During the simulation, students were brought outside where two cars collided head-on. As a result of that, one student died at the scene, three students were critically injured and another student died at the hospital.

Eureka Senior High School student, Jessica Gouthier said, "It impacts you. I think it makes you feel that you shouldn’t drink and drive and it really shows you how devastating it can be. It hits emotions a little bit.”

The program continues Wednesday with a mock funeral for those students involved in Tuesday’s simulation.