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Eureka Senior High students react to the dangers of drinking and driving

EUREKA- Eureka Senior High School students are reflecting on the dangers of drinking and driving following a two-day “Every 15 Minutes Program.”

Wednesday the entire school attended an assembly, where students watched on a big screen what lead to Tuesday’s staged DUI crash. There was also a mock funeral for two of the students who died in that wreck to reinforce the serious consequences of drinking and driving.

Student Coordinator, Alex Hutchins said, “I hope the main thing that they take away is not just the dangers of drinking and driving and being distracted driving but also seeing the ripple of impact that it creates with the people that they know.”  

Francim Aguilar, another Student Coordinator said, "And trying to show students the reality of death is really impactful on not only the students but us too as coordinators of it.”