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Eureka Social Host Ordinance now in effect

EUREKA- A new Eureka law addressing underage drinking went into effect this week. The Eureka Social Host Ordinance will subject any person who allows, conducts or organizes underage drinking to escalating fines. A first offense will cost violators $250, with fines doubling with each violation.

DHHS' partner Humboldt Allies of Substance Abuse Prevention (Humboldt ASAP) introduced the law to help protect the county’s youth from alcohol abuse. Now that the law is in effect, Humboldt ASAP will be speaking with teacher and parent groups, as well as youth about how the new rules will affect them. The group says the law passing in just a year is a great accomplishment in the fight against underage drinking.

“Right now we have about 12 youth on average per month who end up in the emergency ward,” said Lou Moerner a representative with Humboldt ASAP. “About one third of the calls that go out for these parties end up having three or more officers show up and sometimes they're there for two hours at a time so this is going to really reduce the burden on the first responders, on the police department, on our emergency rooms, as well as the problems that go along with alcohol and youth, sexual assault, violence, car wrecks.”