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Eureka staff working to bring cold storage facility to city

EUREKA- Eureka's fishing fleet is about a quarter of what it was 30 years ago.  However, city staff members are moving forward with a project designed to support the fishing industry.

The City Council voted on Tuesday to award $50,000 in federal grants to Greenway Partners to conduct a Feasibility Study on the construction of a cold storage facility in Eureka.  This structure would freeze and refrigerate seafood and other agricultural items in bulk. As part of the study, consultants will examine who should own the facility, how big it should be and it’s possible location.  When the 6-month study is complete, city officials will use that information to recruit possible investors for the facility.

"We think it benefits the fishing industry but we're not looking at this as something that's going to be a drain on the city.  We're looking to go out and find a private provider who could build a cold storage facility, maybe a partnership with the city in some way, but we think this will have some key economic development benefits for the community," said Greg Sparks, the Eureka City Manager.