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Eureka staff working to reduce speed limits on 14 city roads

EUREKA- Motorists in Eureka will have to slow down in the coming months if the City Council gives a new proposal the green light.

City staff proposed the speed limits on 12 streets to be lowered by five miles per hour by this June. Those streets are B Street, Buhne Street, California Street, Campton Road, Dolbeer Street, E Street, Glen Street, H Street, I Street, M Street, Myrtle Avenue, 7th Street, 8th Street and Union Street.  For the last several months, the Eureka Engineering Department has been tracking how fast motorists go on city streets. State law requires speed limits must match the current speed 85 percent of commuters drive at, regardless of posted limits.  This rule does not apply to areas such as residential neighborhoods or school zones. 

However, Harrison Avenue south of Harris Street will go up by five miles per hour if the council approves the ordinance change.