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Eureka Teachers Association rejects latest compensation offer from Eureka City Schools

EUREKA- The Eureka Teacher Association has not accepted the latest compensation offer that Eureka City Schools representatives presented.

"If you take a look out in the community, who has been offered recently a 14 percent raise for 15 percent of their people and over half of their people getting a 10 percent raise?  I think that's a very fair offer...I just hope that the teachers will be willing to step up and take the offer so we can really move on and focus on educating children," said Fred Van Vleck, the Superintendent of Eureka City Schools.

The latest round of negotiations took place Tuesday, and they started at the beginning of 2013.  Eureka City Schools representatives offered an ongoing three percent raise for all teachers indefinitely. For the 2014/2015 school year, they say they offered a 14 percent raise for 15 percent of the teachers, a 10 percent raise for more than half of the teachers, and a six percent raise for the rest of the teachers.  Officials with the Eureka Teachers Association want to see the 2014/2015 pay raise rates to be ongoing.

"There's plenty of money available for them to treat the teachers with the respect and professionalism that they should, they simply don't want to do it," said Patrick Riggs, the President of the Eureka Teachers Association.

A state mediator is scheduled to sit down with representatives of Eureka City Schools and the Eureka Teachers Association in March to try and reach an agreement.