Eureka Teachers' demonstration

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Local educators from the Eureka Teachers Association were out picketing Thursday night over contract terms.

Negotiations are on the table and the teachers presented their core demands.

“It is to get a 3-percent raise on the salary schedule, to get our plan c benefits covered and to add steps 24, 27 and 30 to the salary schedule.” said Paul Bressoud from the Eureka Teachers.


That raise in salary and benefits would amount to a million dollar increase during the year for Eureka City Schools.

Teachers say they are receiving well below other school districts such as Arcata, Blue Lake, and Del Norte… and, that the administration is sitting on their largest surplus ever and can afford the increase. Administrations agree to the 3 percent raise in pay but… do not “concede” the additional steps in wages for years 24 ,27 & 30.

“Our package over two years would be about 700-thousand dollars…their package over two years would be 2-million dollars.” said School Superintendent Fred Van Fleck.


As for now both sides are scheduled to re-visit these issues and get them on the table in December.