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Every Student Succeeding breakfast at the Ingomar Club

EUREKA - A small group of students was recognized at a breakfast gathering Tuesday morning at the Ingomar Club in the Carson Mansion.  

"Every Student Succeeding, it is, those students who've succeeded against all odds. And if I were to put that in words, I would say, think about some of the toughest things you've gone through in your life and think about those challenges. Then compare those challenges that you've gone through, with some of these students that will be recognized today. And you'll quickly realize that some of our challenges aren't so big," said Superintendent of Eureka city schools, Fred Van Vleck.

The event is held by Eureka city schools and sponsored by the Association of California School Administrators. Each school that is involved goes through a process to pick one student to represent them. That student then gets to attend the breakfast and one is chosen winner of the district. The new winner is Kyla Shelton from Zoe Barnum High School. Shelton will now represent Humboldt in the region selection process. If she is selected, she will then be invited to attend the ACSA conference in November. The Superintendent of Eureka city schools spoke at the event and welcomed the eight winning students along with their families.

Van Vleck said, "The Ingomar Club at the Carson Mansion; this is an opportunity for students who, I would venture to say, that most of them have never even been inside this building before. So again, it's an opportunity for them to see a different world, if you will. A different perspective on Eureka and see something they would not have seen."