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FAA demanding upgrade to Del Norte County Airport

The Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, is demanding Crescent City upgrade its airport. The Del Norte County Airport is in need of a renovation but the airport is under dueling agencies, causing delays in moving forward with any change.

The California Coastal Commission is in dispute with the FAA on how the remodeling of the terminal will take place. The coastal commission has a policy called “4 to 1” that requires that for every one acre of land developed, four more acres are dedicated to the “betterment of man”. In this case, that will mean development of wetlands. This brings up a possible loss in property tax for the community.

Del Norte Supervisor Roger Gitlin says this topic may be on the agenda for the upcoming Del Norte County Board of Supervisors meeting.

“I am of the strongest opinion that a first-class, top quality airport with a new terminal and eventually lengthened runways which will accommodate jet service, will go a long way in putting a permanent imprint in welcoming people up into our community,” Gitlin said.