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Fall Dance held at Humboldt Senior Resource Center in Eureka

EUREKA- About 100 elderly people got their groove on at the Humboldt Senior Resource Center's Fall Dance on Friday.

"I think our older adults, our elders still like to have fun.  And many of them that are dancing in there, that brings back some pretty big memories for them of their younger days and they are some good dancers in there," said Barbara Walser, the Director of Nutrition and Activities at the Humboldt Senior Resource Center.

The center works to help elderly people achieve their goals and live independently. Friday’s Fall Dance celebrated the beginning of the holiday season. The Topaz Trio, a local jazz band, volunteered to provide the music.  Also, people who attended enjoyed a hot, nutritious meal. Seniors say the Fall Dance was a lot of fun.

"You're with your peers.  In another location with young people, you feel a little bit out of place, they're all dancing, you just don't feel that comfortable.  But here, you feel these are people that I'm with, they're my generation and I can do this as well or better than them.  And you get out there and it's so nice and just overcome with joy because of the warmth and familiarity with the group of people that are here," said Donald London, who lives in Cutten.