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False alarm fire calls drain department resources

EUREKA - Firefighting is one of only a handful of jobs that never goes on holiday. It’s an assignment our firefighters take with pride. But Wednesday night, personnel responded to a call that wasn’t even real, wasting time and draining resources.

Humboldt Bay Firefighters responded full service to an emergency call of a fire, meaning they sent four of their five pieces of equipment, leaving only one piece for any other calls. When they got there, they found no fire and were unable to get in contact with the reporting party.

The fire station is unsure if the call was of a malicious intent, but it wouldn’t be the first time. In the history of the fire service, people have often called in false alarms and have pulled call boxes.

“It does drain our resources and it does put the public at somewhat of a dangerous position because we're going to a fire and we're going code 3. We have lights and sirens. People are having to move. We're showing up in places people don't expect us. So it does put people at jeopardy at times so we like to eliminate all those circumstances were people are calling. We prefer...we want people to call but we want people to call for the real thing,” Battalion Chief Kent Hulbert said.