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Farm shop and apartment destroyed in Christmas Eve Fire

FERNDALE- A Christmas Eve fire destroyed a farm shop and apartment in Ferndale Wednesday evening.

“The house itself was quite old. It was an old redwood house built originally in 1887,” Tenant Bruce Slocum said. “So everything out here was dry redwood and once the fire started that was it.”

Firefighters worked until two Thursday morning to put out the blaze. The Ferndale Fire Department received reports of flames from a home on Morgan Road around 9 p.m. When they arrived they found the house fully engulfed in flames. The home had a farm shop on the first floor and a small apartment upstairs. No one was present at the time of the fire. The cause is suspected to be electrical and possibly started by Wednesday’s high winds. The building was completely destroyed.

“It was a farm shop where we did all kinds of stuff,” Slocum said. “That was  probably the biggest loss because I had all my power tools and hand tools that were in the shop.”