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Farmers markets in full swing on North Coast

EUREKA- As weather gets warmer, farmers’ markets are popping up across Humboldt County. 

It’s the first week of June, and North Coast Growers Association Farmers’ Markets in Eureka will be held twice a week until October.  Shoppers say farmers’ markets always have their favorites.

"Fruit, strawberries, and flowers, of course, I love to garden.  And juicing products, like beats, spinach, stuff like that.  I love the squash, I love the summer squash, it's awesome," said Victoria Casey, a Eureka resident. 

Others say farmers’ markets are important for the community in multiple ways.

"Farmer's markets are great.  It provides fresh produce.  There's also an EBT program where people can come and buy unlimited amounts of fresh produce and plants to put in their own gardens," said Lisa Zierer, a farmer with Flora Organica Farm and Nursery.

But farmers say their operations have faced challenges this year.

"I think there was not enough rain this winter and we hoped for more in the spring but it didn't happen," said Ino Riley, a farmer with I and I Farm.

However, farmers say prices have not suffered.

"All of the farmers, I think, have expanded a lot of their operations and they really tried to increase their sales in a lowering economy, so they've all ramped up their productions.

Riley says farmers have been working more more hours, but the extra effort is worth it.

"I think the people who grow this food just love to do it and they're just out there enjoying it in the field and they're happy that someone will take it from them.  And whether it's a dollar or two dollars, it seems to work out one way or another," said Riley.

But for some, even if prices did go up, there’s still nothing like a farmers’ market.

"It's organically grown, it's safe to eat, it supports our local farmers.  All of those things are important,” said Peg Van Doorn, a Eureka resident.