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Fatal NYPD officer shooting felt locally

EUREKA - It happened on the other side of the country, but the fatal shootings of two New York police officers Saturday are being felt locally. The New York police commissioner is calling it an assassination. The NYPD officers were sitting in a marked police car on a Brooklyn street corner when a gunman ambushed them.

On Monday, we talked with our own local law enforcement. The shootings have made an impact, but will not change protocol. When officers take the job, they know it is a dangerous profession. Eureka Police Department’s Chief Andy Mills says his officers are carrying on, doing everything they can to keep the city safe. He says it is their job and they must move forward.

“We're telling our officers to mourn and to grieve with our brothers and sisters in New York and in Florida, but at the same time continue to be professionals. Do your job; to treat people with respect but absolutely go home at the end of the night. We do not want our officers to be the victim of assault,” Chief Mills said.