Ferndale man hired by the White House

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FERNDALE- A Ferndale man has returned home to the North Coast after spending some time at the White House, but he was not just a visitor, he was a hired employee. 

"It was just a job of a lifetime and I was honored to go" said Phillip Ostler, owner of Ostler Decorators of Ferndale.
Two weeks ago he was at the White House and was hired to replace a faded wall covering in the same style that had been printed on the walls  of the Blue Room for 200 years.
He said, “I have been in a lot of palaces before and I have never thought of the White House as a palace, but it really is, it is an American palace."
Ostler and his crew worked inside the Blue Room for a week, which is the most formal and elegant reception rooms in the entire house, “It has the nicest fit and finish of any house that I have ever been in" he said.
Some other famous clients of Ostler include Elton John, Harrison Ford, Ozzie Osborne and Bob Dylan.