Ferndale Museum Fall Home Show Sunday

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The Ferndale Museum will feature some classic Victorian homes as part of their fall home tour. They’ve been doing this for over thirty years. It’s happening again this Sunday from noon to 5 P.M.
Every year or two, the Museum holds their Fall Home Tour. It’s an opportunity for selected homeowners to share their properties with the public. Many of these classic Victorians date back to the mid or late 1800’s. If you’ve ever driven past one, you’ve probably been tempted to stop and peek inside.
Don Andersen, Director of the Museum, pointed out that people are curious. “There are always homes that people wonder…’I wonder what that is like inside…or, I wonder how that’s decorated. This is your opportunity to find out…For instance…on this tour we have something that’s really interesting…there’s a home on Main Street that has just had an addition put on and I think everyone in town and probably everyone that’s driven by it has been curious as to what they’ve done.”
If you’ve never traveled through “Cream City” as it was called many years ago, it still is like a trip back to the good old days.  Linda Maxwell and her husband John purchased their home 7-years ago. Although it was restored after the 1992 earthquake, they have remodeled the kitchen, done other cosmetic work and painting. Linda has enjoyed the process but has started to feel a little pressure…”Of course, now that we’re in the reality of it…a few days before the Home Tour it’s like… What were we thinking?”  
A lot of work has gone into preparations by those who are showing these home. Maxwell explained the journey..."It's been exasperating...it's been long hours...It's also been fun!"
The Victorian Village is set to shine this Sunday from Noon to Five. Tickets are still available.
Next up for the Ferndale Museum…a documentary on the Dairy Industry. It’s a project that is still a ways out and going to take some time. But, if it is anything like their last documentary, “Saving the Queen,” it’s going to be a good one.