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Ferndale residents to vote on selection process for City Clerk and City Treasurer positions

FERNDALE- On Tuesday, voters in Ferndale will choose whether to keep having the positions of City Clerk and City Treasurer be appointed by city officials or if those jobs should be filled through an election.

Ferndale voters elected the City Clerk and City treasurer until 1972. Those positions have been appointed ever since. Recently, city officials discovered that a General Law City in California, like Ferndale, must use elections for the selection process, unless the public votes to use the appointment method. The Ferndale City Council is in favor of keeping the current system of appointing the two positions for multiple reasons.

"We would have a wider range of applicants and every four years, they don't want to have the cost of being included in the election.  You lose your whole institutional memory every four years if you had a new candidate every four years, so that's basically the reason," said Jay Parrish, the Ferndale City Manager.